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Pet Boarding

Dog from £19.00 inclusive vat
Cat from £15.00 inclusive vat

Prices will be calculated on request as it varies with respect to the size and category of your pet(s).


Dogs in our care are housed in large, purpose built brick kennels each with their own covered outside run. The dogs are fed twice a day with their preferred meal (subject to owner specifying). 

Boarding guest get 20mins twice a day exercises in our secured paddocks.

On request, dogs can be washed and groomed during their stay with us .


Our cat houses at Joe's Folly are situated on the other side of the complex as far away from the dog kennels as possible. Cats in our care are fed twice a day with their preferred meal (subject to owners specifying) and are housed in comfortable and sheltered accommodation.

Cats ( if requested) can groomed during their stay with us.

Other Pets

We look after any small animals (rabbits, parrots, rats, hamsters, tortoises, birds, fish). Please contact us to find out more details.

The complex at Joe's folly ​has been specially built for the care and boarding of your pets. We cater for pets of all kinds, from dogs and cats, to chickens and tortoises.

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